Book: Football Performance Unleashed – How to Become the Complete Football Player London NW10, United Kingdom
Posted on 30/01/2017

Football Performance Unleashed is the simple solution for football players of all levels and abilities who want to see fast, amazing improvements in their football ability. All the techniques, methods and advice you will find in the book are used every day by the professionals, and are guaranteed to make you a truly game-changing player.

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So what are you waiting for? Join the thousands of players from around the world who have enjoyed and benefited immensely from reading Football Performance Unleashed.


What you’ll get from Football Performance Unleashed:


  • Learn how to develop your technical and tactical skills. 
  • Learn how to improve your psychological, physical and off-the-field parts of the game to make the most of your ability.
  • Simple football training methods you can use by yourself or with other people.
  • A fun and interactive test to figure out your own football abilities.
  • Written in plain English for football players of all levels and abilities.
  • Easy-to-read layout with bullet points, images, and tips to make learning simple.




There are lots of football books like this, why should I buy this one? 

If you are looking for an easy-to-read and straight-to-the-point book on how to improve your football performance, then this is for you. With so many books focused on either football coaching or only covering one particular part of the game, it can be difficult for football players to find a means to improve their overall ability. Unlike most football books, this book focuses on helping you develop every aspect of your football skills, with the ultimate aim of maximizing your technical, mental, and physical potential!


What age is this book recommended for? 

It is recommended for teenagers and young adults, however, any player aged 13 and over will benefit immensely from reading this book. (Some parts of the book, i.e., parts of chapter 2: Team Tactics and chapter 8: Fitness, are not recommended for children aged 12 and under.)


What football ability is this book recommended for? 

This book was written in mind for players of all levels and abilities. Each chapter contains basic to advanced techniques, tips, and advice, allowing you to move at your own pace. So, whether you’re a complete beginner, a more experienced player, or someone who simply wants to improve their game, this book will provide you with the knowledge that can supercharge your performances on the field.


I’m a football coach, will this book help me? 

Absolutely! Even though it is aimed at players, it gives coaches a chance to view the game from another perspective. A lot can be learned by seeing the game from the player\’s point of view, and while a lot of books focus on training programs and drills, Football Performance Unleashed serves as a great reference for individual player development. 


What are the chapters of the book? 

Chapter 1: Technique

Chapter 2: Team Tactics

Chapter 3: Attackers

Chapter 4: Midfielders

Chapter 5: Defenders

Chapter 6: Goalkeepers

Chapter 7: Set-Pieces

Chapter 8: Fitness

Chapter 9: Health & Nutrition

Chapter 10: Psychology

Chapter 11: Your Football Performance


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